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Frequently Asked Questions 

You’ve signed up, congratulations! You will receive an e-mail once you have signed up and payment has been received. In this e-mail there will contain some simple instructions. 
If you need collections to start immediately then please sign up 24/48hrs before your regular collection day so that we can support this. 
In short Yes! We concentrate on household waste but if the Council have refused to empty your recycling bin under their guidelines then we can help. 
If the council have not emptied your recycling bin this may be due to it containing the wrong items. Bursting Bins can empty your recycling bin in order to get you back on track with normal Council collections. 
Once Bursting Bins collect your waste, we then have an obligation to follow the UKs Waste Hierarchy set out by DEFRA (The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). 
Bursting Bins is a certified waste carrier and our registration number is - CBDU230454. 
We say goodbye to your waste at a waste transfer station. It is then processed here and ends up in a waste to energy facility where your waste will be converted to energy. 
Yes of course you can, but only if your new address is within our collection area. Please view areas covered by Bursting Bins 
Please contact the office and let us know your new address. 
You’ve signed up, congratulations! Your collections will start after we have received your first cleared payment. We then have to organise your collection address into our systems, this can take up to 24hrs after cleared payments. 
It is very difficult for us to start a collection on the day you sign up but please contact our office and we will accommodate any requests where possible. 
Please Leave your bin in front of your premises. We want to make our service easy for you, we will even place it back neatly on your premises. 
Please leave your wheelie bin in a safe position and not causing obstruction to others. We are not fussy which way round the handle is facing just as long as we can empty it. 
Apologies! It is a priority to fulfil our promise to all of our customers, If we have missed your bin collection then please get in touch and we will get this sorted ASAP. 
We will even re-fund you the cost of that missed bin collection as well as emptying it for free, please make sure you get in touch to arrange this refund. 
Yes we carry a contactless card reader and can take secure payments for services used, Easy! 
Your household waste wheelie bin is collected by the council every two weeks, Bursting Bins collect your household waste wheelie bin in between the council collections. 
i.e If the council collect your rubbish on a Tuesday, Bursting Bins will collect your rubbish the following Tuesday, keeping your rubbish collections weekly. 
Collections example: 
We will not collect any of the following. Building materials such as bricks, plaster board, cement rubble or garden soil. 
We will also not collect hazardous materials such as chemical, medical or clinical waste, asbestos, sharps (needles) and disposable instrument blades. 
REMEMBER no hot ashes or flammable agents/chemicals to be placed in bin as this may cause a fire. 
Yes after a 6 or 12 month subscription term you will need to renew your service at the end. 
Your bin really is full hey, maybe you have had a party? 
We can offer you a charge which is proportionate to the amount of additional bagged waste that will not fit in your wheelie bin. 
Once an agreed payment has been made only then will we take away additional bagged waste. 
Please book before 12pm today for a next day collection service. 
If you need a same day collection service, please call the office on 02475 122212 between 8am and 4pm to see if this can be arranged. 
If we damage your bin then we will let you know and then also replace it at a cost to us. Honesty and Integrity means a lot to us. 
Bursting bins collections start at 7am and finish at 4pm, your wheelie bin will be emptied at some point during these hours on your collection day. Bursting bins recommend you have your wheelie bin ready for collection from 7am on the day your rubbish is due to be collected. 
This is not something we currently do. Please contact us and we can recommend an industry professional to do this for you. 
Yes, please contact us to arrange your cancellation. 
There are no lock in contracts, if you feel you no longer need to take advantage of our service then you can cancel at any time. 
You will also be reimbursed for any advanced payments made if you choose to cancel your subscription i.e) 6/ or 12 month subscription paid in full. 
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